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Legal documents

Company legal Documents


Registration at United States (USA)

Entity name : ETFORE LIMITED

Dos ID Number : 6808100


Registration at Hong Kong

Entity name : ETFORE LIMITED

Dos ID Number : 3258458


Registration at MSB

Entity name : ETFORE LIMITED

Dos ID Number : 31000250489534

Company legal documents

Company Legal Documents are necessary for several crucial reasons to ensure the smooth and legally compliant operation of our business. Here are some key points to know

  • ETFORE is duly incorporated and operates under legal regulations in both New York, USA and Hong Kong.

  • We have our headquarters in New York United States.

  • The Founder of Etfore Limited is Mr. Christopher Valentini.

  • Founded on ETF expertise in 2016, ETFore grew into a haven for major investors. On May 7th 2023, we embraced online business and proudly launched our portfolio. Celebrating a journey of success and innovation.

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